YOUBRIO is a comprehensive learning app where all lesson management is handled within the app.

BOOKING a lesson on YOUBRIO:

1. Teachers will create a time slot and price for the lesson under “Create”.

*Teachers can also create a fee-free lesson on YOUBRIO if the lesson fees have already been paid for offline.

2. Students may now go to the teacher’s profile by searching the teacher’s name on the top of the homepage.

3. Click on “Book Lesson” and tap on a time slot to pay and confirm the lesson.

4. Teachers will need to approve the lesson booking.

5. Upon the teacher’s approval, the lesson is booked.

*Lesson rooms are available to enter 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time.

6. Once the lesson is completed, the teacher will mark the lesson as completed and the lesson fees will be transferred immediately to the teacher's YOUBRIO wallet.

7. Students may choose to leave a review and are ready to book the next lesson.

Students can also request a lesson from the teacher if they have not yet created one!