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1. Have online lessons with your teacher in the comfort of your own home
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For Teachers:

1. Conduct online lessons with your students
2. No platform fees when conducting lessons with your own students
3. Save time with the comprehensive lesson management system
4. Increase your income by over 30%!

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Successful Admissions

With the guidance of online lessons and examinations, YOUBRIO students have been admitted into some of the leading music institutions from around the world.

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YOUBRIO Qualities

YOUBRIO Teacher Guarantee

All teachers recommended by YOUBRIO have been screened and trained. Our student results are a testament to the quality of teaching we provide.

5 Star Customer Service

YOUBRIO’s dedicated team of customer support is available 24 / 7. Contact us for answers to your learning or technical questions!

Secure Payment Gateway

Safe and quick online payment. Anti-fraud and User Protection technology are used to ensure every YOUBRIO deposit is safe and secure.


Student and teachers can withdraw at any time. Average processing time of 6 hours, transferred to the chosen bank account or PayPal account.

Christian Li

In 2018, YOUBRIO shined on the International Stage - 10 year old student Christian Li won the International Menuhin Competition as the youngest winner in the Competition history.
Christian’s teacher, Dr Robin Wilson, is one of the many esteemed teachers that teach on YOUBRIO!



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