What is the value of Youbrio Tutor Room?

"Youbrio Tutor Room has incredible value.

Extra individual lessons with teachers can often be expensive and hard to arrange. The Youbrio Tutor Room is very aware of this ongoing issue parents have. Every teacher in the tutor room comes from internationally acclaimed music academies such as the Liszt Academy, Sydney Conservatory of Music, Central Conservatory of Music and the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. These teachers are able to greatly increase the efficiency of practice through their methods.

When practising, students spend the majority of their time repeating the same notes in order to improve their playing, with little to no input from the teacher - some students even feeling nervous due to the pressure of making mistakes during their lessons. Through the Tutor Room structure, students can practise by themselves without pressure after intermittent short sessions with the teacher, continuing to adjust and improve through these supervised sessions. In this way, the teacher’s time and value are maximised, saving cost for students whilst greatly improving the efficiency during their practice."

How can Youbrio Tutor Room helps and motivates my kids?

"A common sentiment amongst many is that “teachers and tuition fees both aren’t the problems; kids’ willingness to learn is!” The best age to practice and to learn the piano is from 5-15 years old, but at this stage of their life children are typically unable to focus for long periods of time. If we force them to practice, or even reprimand them to do it, it will only backfire. It is not their fault that they don’t like to practice - it is on the attitudes also of the parents and teachers!

How does Youbrio Tutor Room make students fall in love with practice? We have created an excellent atmosphere for students to practice. Every time they are online, they can see their friends and other students practicing together. Compared to simply practising alone, they will feel as though they are part of a group instead of being isolated from the world. This way, from the comfort of their own home, students are able to also avoid tension and anxiety as they don’t have to face the teacher directly. Only by fully enjoying the practice process can students be most efficient."

Why Youbrio Tutor Room helps with practicing?

Prior to Youbrio Tutor Room, our teachers have faced the problem where children have one class a week, and they learn well during the class. However, after class, they forget the focus of the teacher’s teaching, and parents can’t help. In many places, I practiced for a week in vain, and the teacher realized that it was beyond recognition when the teacher was in class next week. Sometimes a few weeks of lessons fail to practice a piece of music due to repeated corrections.

If you choose to learn as you like, you can ask the teacher online at any time if you have any forgotten points. You will no longer waste the time, energy, and financial resources of children and parents, so that every practice can have the best results."Prior to Youbrio Tutor Room, our teachers have commonly faced the same problem - students learn and improve during the one lesson a week that they have in person, but they end up forgetting the focus and content of that one lesson during the rest of the week, with parents unable to help pinpoint the issues. Often, time is wasted as a result as the wrong places are worked on or even worse practiced incorrectly, extra unnecessary effort being needed to correct these extra errors. Due to repeated corrections like this, sometimes multiple weeks are wasted on certain aspects of the student’s playing, greatly reducing the efficiency of improvement.

With Youbrio Tutor Room, anything that is unclear or forgotten can easily be double checked and confirmed by the teacher instantly. Students will no longer waste time and energy practising the wrong thing over and over again, improving the efficiency of learning."

Are there any other benefits that Youbrio Tutor Room brings to the table?

"Some parents joked: “Since our child started to practice with Youbrio Tutor Room, there are no more fights at home due to piano practice, and the family atmosphere is more harmonious than ever.” After a long day of study and work, both the students and parents are exhausted. Sending students to class in this state results in even more stress and as a result makes it hard for the student to adjust to the class environment. Frustration if the student doesn’t show clear improvement will inevitably follow, and this could lead to a very stressful home environment which is negative for both the student and the parents.

In contrast to this, the Youbrio Tutor Room is able to be accessed at any moment without timing restriction. Want to learn? Hop on and practice for a while. Tired? Relax for a day, no issues. Typically students will rest awhile and relax, freshen up and eat before accessing the Tutor Room. This relaxed mental state maximises efficiency compared to the stress of strict, specific timings, and makes for a much more harmonious home atmosphere, keeping the learning of music fun and interactive instead of being a nightmare for both the student and parents."

Does student have to wait long in Youbrio Tutor Room?

After analysing nearly a year worth of data, the teaching time in the Youbo Tutor Room course can reach more than 50% of the students’ online time, and there are more than 30 minutes of guidance time for each hour of piano practice. Students wait for an average of no more than 5 minutes to answer, and even if there are vacant teachers, more than two-thirds of the students will take the initiative to extend their traditional practice time. Hence we think that Youbrio Tutor Room provides enough capacity to cater for the practice time needed by its students.After analysing nearly a year worth of data, we have found that the teaching time in the Youbrio Tutor Room course can reach more than 50% of the students’ online time, and there are more than 30 minutes of guidance time for each hour in the Tutor Room. Students wait for an average of no more than 5 minutes for a help session, and even if there are vacant teachers, more than two-thirds of the students will take the initiative to extend their free practice time. Hence Youbrio Tutor Room provides enough capacity to cater for the practice time needed by its students.

Does every Youbrio Tutor Room teacher understand the practice and progress of each child using Tutor Room?

"The Youbo Tutor Room has established a database for each student. The child’s practice efficiency, basic level, learning ability, talent preference, etc. will be recorded by the teacher in real time after each practice, so that parents can understand the child’s daily learning situation. Our teachers will also use this information to effectively formulate the children’s curriculum.

According to our recent student survey, in comparison to the traditional one teacher learning model, the guidance of a team of teachers can more comprehensively correct the problems and flaws in the process of children’s piano practice, and the level of the students will be improved more obviously. In addition, Youbrio Tutor Room is not only limited to once off learning, but also provides regular evaluation and feedback to students and parents to carefully guard the growth of children on the road of music."

Does the child get lazy during free form practice?

"Music learning itself is a long and boring process. Many of the students we came across grew up under the strict supervision of parents and teachers. When they grow up and enter the rebellious period, they become resistant to music learning. Some students even chose to give up music entirely.

Therefore, Youbrio Tutor Room is committed to fully stimulate children’s interest in learning and self-learning ability, changing from passive supervision to active learning, so that children truly fall in love with practicing the piano. Once a child develops a good habit of self-directed learning, not just musical instruments, it will have a positive impact on a child’s life. In particular, our courses have greatly improved children’s interest in learning through student interaction, encouragement mechanism, learning feedback and other methods. According to the recent survey feedback, more than half of the students have developed unprecedented interest in practicing the piano after contacting the course and motivation."